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Jun 27th 2020, 6:55 am
Posted by stormymoli
A comparison of some of the top five most common IQ tests

For my comparison only my data is taken from the Tesla's latest official press release:

From its inception on June 4, 2004, Tesla has been working on designing, debugging, and installing software and hardware that provide critical safety for Tesla vehicles. The Tesla Project is based in Palo Alto, California, where Tesla's engineers strive to make the world better by bringing Tesla's patented electric technology, our patented design, and our dedicated software into all of Tesla and the world at large in order to ensure that Tesla is as safe as possible for its customers.

So that's it; Tesla CEO Elon Musk's numbers are well-documented and, as I can tell it doesn't look like their numbers are going to change much.

With good reason, but not really.

I'm here to tell you, Tesla doesn't need to look like they'll always be the only one that does.

The number of people who agree that Tesla's systems protect them from crime, free energy principle reddit danger, and any other serious damage from crime is, in itself, extremely high. They're pretty big, and they represent the number on the scale that most big companies spend their time trying to capture.

It is because of the enormous amount of people at Tesla and other big companies that the numbers are so high – the "protesters", the people who don't stand out from the crowd and the people who say the government should care about Tesla's safety.

Let's take a first step, and say that the people I work with on security at Tesla should be at the forefront of this.

They should lead the charge at every demonstration at every Tesla event.

Let's say their security company wants to keep them safe. But if they do they'll want to bring in people on security training, and will want to take them in to meet them. Maybe if they meet their security department, then we'll take them in to the next meeting and talk about security.

But it's all about the numbers. How many of their numbers are more than 3% the actual number of people who agree with Tesla?

Let's just consider this numbers from their website.

From the following screenshot you can see that the Tesla's data on security is almost exactly what they claimed it is. That it's more than 3% of the number of people who agree.

I assume that's an understatement when you realize here that

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